The Cactus Gardens in Lanzarote

image of lanzarote

There are a vast number of popular tourist attractions in Lanzarote and one of these is the Cactus Gardens. A lot of the tourists that come to this area enjoy the regular flights to Lanzarote. These gardens were the last creation of the late Cesar Manrique and it was not actually finished until 1991. The artist restored the mill during 1973 and this now decorates the limits within the center. The project that this artist undertook involved transforming a volcano that was only partially buried and turning this into a focal point for the center of the gardens.

These gardens are home to more than ten thousand cactus plants and these belong to more than one thousand four hundred cactus species that are from Madagascar, America and also the Canary Islands. The entrance fee to this park is very reasonable and it is possible to take your purchased ticket to the cafeteria and you will then be able to enjoy a free cup of either tea or coffee.

It is true to say that these gardens are the perfect example of how to recover and change a deteriorated space as it was built on the site of an old quarry using extracts of the volcanic ash. These ashes were used by the peasants in order to cover the crops and retain the night humidity.

The late Estanislao G Ferrer, who was a botanist, collected all of these specimens. The creation of this garden was not for education as it was developed more for recreation and aesthetic purposes. The garden rises amongst a collection of cactuses within the areas that are known as Mala and Guatiza and these are at the heart of the cochineal cultivation of the island. The Cactus Gardens are also home to a small restaurant that features a terrace and this makes the ideal place for people to relax whilst also enjoying a day of sightseeing. These gardens are also home to a gift shop that sells a range of handicrafts.

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