The Perfect Golf Holiday

golf in the sun

Just imagine all the ingredients required for a perfect golf holiday coming together nicely.

You leave work early on a thursday and enjoy a traffic free drive to the local airport where parking and access to the terminal is easy. You’ve found a cheap flight beforehand on the internet and everything is on time as you depart the UK. The plane takes off leaving some dull, wet weather behind and a couple of hours later the plane is landing through clear blue skies with the backdrop of a beautiful evening sunset. Your luggage and prized golf equipment speeds through baggage handing and, after a short taxi ride, you and your golfing accomplices are settling into your luxury villa prior to a nice evening meal and some pre-competition drinks at the bar as you plan the days ahead.

The short golfing break continues in much the same vein with fantastic weather, well maintained golf courses and great food and company in the evenings. Such a golfing holiday is almost the norm these days as travel operators and resort areas combine to satisfy the needs of the golfing visitor.

The choice of destinations providing such breaks is also increasing every year. Ten years ago the short golf break was the preserve of the Algarve in Portugal and the specialist golf resorts on the Costa del Sol around Malaga and Marbella. Today the choice includes the ever expanding selection of courses on the island of Mallorca and, by flying to Antalya in Turkey, both the new and established courses around Belek.

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