Turkish tee-hee: Scapegoat (2011)

Turkish tee-hee: Scapegoat (2011)

In 2011, Turkish porn-star Sahin Ka made his mainstream cinema debut. His role: ex-porn-star Sahin K, who leaves Berlin for Bodrum in an attempt to start a new, better life. The plot: some dangerous people in the dubious industry don’t want to let this important source of income go. It turns out to be very difficult for Sahin to be incognito in his home country. The result: a colourful, crack-up comedy called Scapegoat.

Alongside Sahin Ka, this million dollar production features cult actors such as Nuri Alco, Coskun Gogen and Sevtap Parman. The slapstick comedy was directed by Cenk Ozakinci and written by Erza Alper. But even more promising than the team and the budget are the location where the film whas shot: Berlin, Instanbul and Bodrum, one of Turkey’s most popular beach resorts. For tourists who have been to Bodrum, recognizing the setting will bring an extra smile to their face. For those who haven’t discovered the area yet but have booked flights to Bodrum for the May Day Holiday or summer, watching this film with a couple of friends can be a hilarious way to get in the mood for your trip.

The film was launched nationwide accross Turkey under its original name, Gunah Kecisi, during a school holiday (January 21, 2011).

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